Blocks and Private Rental Sector

Blocks and Private Rental Sector

Curzon purchases and manages apartment blocks and multiple-unit properties for clients. This is an investment sector with potentially outstanding returns given the current chronic housing shortage across London and the UK.

The UK is unique in that institutional investment in the “Private Rental Sector” (PRS) has not yet taken place. This rapidly expanding market is a major growth opportunity for private investment for both individual units and importantly for the larger scale purchase of apartment blocks and multiple-unit purchases, which with new developments can often be “off plan.” Economies of scale are strong in this sector and volume price discounts are frequently negotiable.

For pensions, investment property is a very important and highly tax-efficient asset class. Specialist individual investment advice must be taken. Curzon is very pleased to support clients and their advisors accordingly.

Properties can be used in a variety of ways, subject to planning, including for conventional residential lettings, student housings and serviced apartments or serviced offices or other commercial uses, for example.

Pre-funded developer agreements can also be an option to obtain low entry prices and maximum returns. Curzon manages this process on behalf of clients.